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Pacta: Simply Safe enforce contracts — agreements must be keptpacta sunt servanda

Ease of use combined with strong encryption, decentrialized blockchain applications, trusteeless trust, data protection, maximum privacy, user owned keys.

Enjoy a secure digital life with Pacta!

Choose Your Favorite Application Business and Private Customers

Pacta Cash — Blockchain Wallet

Manage your Ethers and Bitcoins securely without having to understand the technical details. You own the keys, all data is stored on your device. Trade without registration.

Pacta Vote — Digital AGM

Move your company's annual general assembly into virtual space. Pacta Vote offers video conferencing, data room and security through tamper-proof logging in the block chain.

Pacta App — Collaborate

Found your distributed organisation (DAO) in the Ethereum blockchain. Create a simple association with annual membership fee, or a token based organisation.

Pacta Company — Virtual Business

Found and manage your shareholder company fully in the blockchain, at a completely new level of trust.

How Pacta Protects Your Safety and Privacy


We make use of strong encryption. There is never a backdoor in our services.


We provide blockchain based trust. There is no need to trust an institution.


We never transfer or copy your private keys. All keys are under your control.


Pacta services only require necessary input. We neither collect nor sell data.

Our services run 100% in the browser and only open functionally necessary connections to a server.


Pacta provides auhentication, secure communication and smart contracts as fiduciary to build communities.


Where identification is required, we provide an identification service at your choice.

Awesome Ultimate Features Beginners and Professionals


Pacta products hide complexity from the end user.


Security is a not optional, but a basic design feature.


Always adapts to your needs.


Configure to your preferences, unlock professional features.

About Pacta AG


Pacta AG Swiss Company Founded in 2020

Winterthur, Switzerland
image of Marc Wäckerlin

Marc Wäckerlin Master of Science degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in ZürichMSc ETH, Founder, CEO

Coding with passion since 1983

Experienced in: Security, Cryptology, Blockchain, Cloud, Docker, CephFS, LizardFS, CI/CD, Linux, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Solidity, Project Management, Testing, and more